[su_spoiler title=“English version“ style=“fancy“] The Trail continues from Neels Gap to Low Gap und goes on all the way to Blue Mountain Shelter. The weather is cold, but Anja and Nadine get warm through hiking. Every day that passes brings them closer to the border between […]
[su_spoiler title=“English version“ style=“fancy“] After two relaxing days at the Blood Mountain Cabins they get back on the track. The sun is shining and they are eager to proceed. But it soon becomes clear that they are heading towards the absolute contrasting programme, compared to the […]
The next morning things are looking much better. The ankle is not swollen anymore and Anja can walk normally again. It seems there is nothing standing in the way of a good and long hike now. But a look out of the tent proves them wrong. […]
[su_spoiler title=“English version“ style=“fancy“] The Approach Trail is 12 km long and connects Amicalola Falls State Park with Springer Mountain, a 1148 m high mountain of the Blue Ridge Mountains in northern Georgia. The starting point of the Appalachian Trail is situatid here. To reach Mount […]

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Kennt ihr schon den readTicker?Rezensionen schreiben kann jeder.
Im readTicker nehme ich Bücher oder Auszüge daraus genauer unter die Lupe und schreibe während des Lesens darüber. Behandelt werden Themen,  die zum Nachdenken, Diskutieren und Augenöffnen anregen sollen.