Kaum in Tennessee angekommen, wandelt sich auch schon das Wetterglück. Für das ochenende sind starke Gewitter und Schneefall angekündigt.
[su_spoiler title=“English version“ style=“fancy“] After the three mountains Anja and Nadine crossed the day before, two more – the Little Hump and the Hump Mountain – lie ahead of them. They are part of the Highlands of Roan and are known for two things: their picturesque […]
Nach einer Pause in Hot Springs führt der Weg weiter in die Blue Ridge Montains, den höchsten Gebirgszug North Carolinas und der Appalachen.
[su_spoiler title=“English version“ style=“fancy“] After a short break in Hot Springs, the trail continues into the Blue Ridge Montains, a mountain range that is both the highest in the state of North Carolina and in the entire Appalachian region. It is therefore not surprising that the […]
Der AT führt direkt über den größten Staudamm im Osten der USA und von dort aus direkt in die Great Smoky Mountains (kurz Smokies).
[su_spoiler title=“English version“ style=“fancy“] From Nanthala Mountain Lodge, the trail continues through Fontana Village Resort. Due to bad weather, they have to leave the trail at Tellico Gap and take a shuttle to Fontana Dam, 35 miles away. A disappointing affair. But nothing can be done. […]
[su_spoiler title=“English version“ style=“fancy“] After a couple of days in the wild it is time to take a break in Franklin. Three days they will stay to rest and recover. Not the very best of plans, as it turns out in the end. When they get […]
[su_spoiler title=“English version“ style=“fancy“] The path leads from Beech Gap Camp Spot to Carter Gap Shelter and all the way to Betty Creek Campsite. From here it goes all the way on top of Albert Mountain, a 1600m high mountain in North Carolina. It is a […]
[su_spoiler title=“English version“ style=“fancy“] From Mighty Thor to No Pepsi and The Wild Turky, the names given to the thru hikers on the Appalachian Trail are various and often not really self-explanatory. The ways to get such a trail name are quite various themselves. This post […]
[su_spoiler title=“English version“ style=“fancy“] The cold but still quite comfortable night is followed by a freezing morning. Getting started becomes to a pretty hard task. But as soon as Anja and Nadine are up and hiking they are getting warmer by the minute and start feeling […]
[su_spoiler title=“English version“ style=“fancy“] The Trail continues from Neels Gap to Low Gap und goes on all the way to Blue Mountain Shelter. The weather is cold, but Anja and Nadine get warm through hiking. Every day that passes brings them closer to the border between […]

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