Endpunkt des Trails: der Mount Katahdin in Maine.
[su_spoiler title=“English version“ style=“fancy“] It is the beginning of August. Five months have passed, 13 U.S. states are now behind them and they have reached Maine, the last section of their journey and thus also the so-called Hundred-Mile Wilderness – the wildest and most natural part […]
Auf dem Weg zu den White Mountains in New Hampshire.
[su_spoiler title=“English version“ style=“fancy“] The break was infinitely good. But the visa is no longer valid for too long and so we have to continue. After two days, Anja and Nadine are taken to Hanover to get back on the trail from there. It is still […]
Auf dem Weg nach Vermont.
[su_spoiler title=“English version“ style=“fancy“] In New York they continue via River Camp and the city of Kent. Here, Anja and Nadine take another two-day rain break before continuing on to Silver Hill Camp. Behind it, a mile across an open field awaits them, which they christen […]
[su_spoiler title=“English version“ style=“fancy“] The heat is of course followed by mosquitoes and unfortunately also the first spider bite. The latter fortunately not with Anja and Nadine but with a fellow hiker, who must thereupon from the trail. It is nasty horror between the mosquito bites, […]
US-Bundesstaaten-Grenze New Jersey / Pennsylvania.
[su_spoiler title=“English version“ style=“fancy“] In Harpers Ferry happens what had to happen sometime: Apples, peaches, dried bananas, radishes, camping dishes, sandwiches, muffins and granola bars convince Anja and Nadine in the store and are taken. In the end, however, the certainty follows that the backpacks are […]
Bärenbegleitung auf dem Weg zum Halbzeit-Punkt des AT in Harpers Ferry.
[su_spoiler title=“English version“ style=“fancy“] After three restful nights in Daleville, Anja and Nadine take a shuttle and make a big jump up to Shenandoah National Park to stay on schedule. The sun of the previous days is now followed by several days of rain, so they […]
Der McAfee Knob gilt als schönster Aussichtspunkt auf dem gesamten Appalachian Trail.
[su_spoiler title=“English version“ style=“fancy“] The trail from Pickle Branch Shelter to Four Pine Hostel is about six miles. It is one of the toughest sections of the trail, but it is rewarded with a breathtakingly beautiful view from what is known as Dragon’s Tooth – a […]
Obst und Gemüse sind ein Genuss, aber leider auch sehr schwer. Auf langen Strecken durch die Wildnis bleibt diese Kost bald aus.
[su_spoiler title=“English version“ style=“fancy“] The days go by like the miles – through the forest, over the mountains, up and down, up and down. The terrain is very varied and yet always the same. Viewpoints have become rather a rarity, because not much can be seen […]
Encounters, Begegnungen auf dem Trail, finden auch in den menschenlosesten Gegenden statt. Nicht selten trifft man hier auf Tiere.
[su_spoiler title=“English version“ style=“fancy“] Unfortunately, the night in the open air is not as quiet as expected. Although Anja and Nadine have set up camp a little way from the alpaca farm, the barking of the dogs, the roar of the road and the trains rattling […]
Auf dem Weg zur nächsten Trail Magic führt der Weg vorbei an Ponys mit "Heißhunger" auf Wanderer, lässt es sich doch so schön auf deren Textilien knabbern.
[su_spoiler title=“English version“ style=“fancy“] The trail continues over Whitetop Mountain and once again up Mount Rogers, from which Anja and Nadine had rolled back to Damascus on their bikes a few days earlier. The weather is still very changeable, foggy and wet. So caution is advised, […]

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